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Jazzzn' began back in March 1994 as GraceNote Incorporated, when I wrote about and photographed jazz saxophonist Tim Cunningham during a Benton Harbor, Michigan performance. Tim is so exciting when seen live that I wanted others to feel as good as I felt that night -  and that's what happened, with Tim and with other artists I subsequently promoted.

Managers, musicians and the public read my work, felt my enthusiasm and joy, and were moved to purchase a recording or attend a live performance - that's what it's all about.  

"Live Music in the Spotlight" is my slogan for a very good reason - there is nothing better than  a live performance, and I shine the spotlight brightly on artists that I'm excited about.

Jazz and blues are my main focus, but there are really only two kinds of music: the kind you like, and the kind you don't, which may not be easily categorized by genre.  I have very eclectic taste that ranges from classical to rap and everything inbetween.

My musical mentor, the late great jazz pianist Gene Harris, said it best: good music has to touch your emotions, and it doesn't matter what kind someone says it is.

If there is someone you'd like us to spotlight in an upcoming segment, please e-mail us at  dale@jazzzn.com.